The purpose of The Chalkboard Projectâ„¢ is to change the way we speak to one another.

Words affect everyone. Too often, people use hurtful words freely, without considering the potential impact. The ideas others have of us can develop into misconceptions that haunt us. The concept of this project is to photograph participants holding a chalkboard with their word or words that have hurt them in the past. Intentions are unique for each individual: some want to spread awareness, others gain freedom in letting go of the power the words have held, and thankfully some remember the words but it never affected them.

The photographs become part of a community art installation and social media movement. Large format prints are hung as a collection and offer viewers an opportunity to share meaningful connections. Phase two of the installation involves the chalkboards being covered with colorful paper. During what we call a 'Celebration Event' everyone is invited to write new, positive words that describe each other on the colored paper. This event celebrates the idea that growth can come from vulnerability, communities can be loving safe places and positive words have healing power.             

Many participants choose to join the movement on social media by posting their images using the #thechalkboardproject. Take a look at what's happening as people comment - - *amazing!

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*words matter

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