ABOUT - The Chalkboard Project

The goal of The Chalkboard Project is to combat negative perceptions with positive truths.

Words affect everyone regardless of age, social status, socioeconomic position, race, gender, and/or religion. Too often, people use hurtful words freely, without considering the potential impact. The ideas others have of us can develop into misperceptions that haunt us. The concept of this project is to invite participants to write a word that has hurt them in the past or a misperception people have of them on a chalkboard. Intentions are unique for each individual: some want to spread awareness, others gain freedom in letting go of the power the words have held, and thankfully some remember the words but it never affected them.

Once the photographs are taken these images will be used as an art installation and a social media campaign. For the installation, large prints will be made of each photograph and hung as a collection. The words on the chalkboards will be physically covered with colorful paper and people will be invited to write new, positive words that more accurately describe each other. Many participants will choose to post their images on social media where others can comment, stating words that honor the truth about the person.

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Through this process the hope is that we will promote empathy, build community, and celebrate positivity.

*words matter

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